2017 Convention date &
location to be determined

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2016 Convention Highlights coming soon...


Highlights from the
2015 Convention

Member group shot following the annual club dinner...here's to Wallace Nutting!

Wallace Nutting, where...??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wallace Nutting Collectors Club Board of Directors
(click each image for enlargement)

President, Jan Liberatore

Vice President, Sharon Lacasse
(with husband, Kenny)

Treasurer, Jim Eckert

Secretary, Joyce Fishback
(with husband, Joren)

Trustee, Pam Franscella
(with husband, Bob)

Trustee, Sue Ivankovich
(with husband, Mike)
Absent and missed:
Trustee, Ron Leavesley

In addition to the above member photos, following are
couple/individual/group photos taken at the Club Dinner

added alphabetically by last name where possible

Kyle Amberg (with Linda Brookoff)

Harry & Marian Bejian

Bruce & Linda Brookoff

Julie Chapman (with Gene Roberts)

Jessica Chevalier (with Allan Ziegra)

Joe Duggan

Brenda & Mike Gridley

Beverly Handler

Scott & Carol Jones

Elizabeth Kimma (with Evelyn Ohland)

Stephen & Anna King

Kyle Kohberger

Gary & Susan Leonard

George & Shirley Lovesky

Tieler Niedzwiecki and Jan Liberatore

Dan & Linda Palmer

Barb & Mike Pellegrino

Sue & Dave Rumberger

Ralph Smith

Evelyn Ohland, Kenny Lacasse,
Elizabeth Kimma

Kenny & Sharon Lacasse
with Joren Fishback (c)

Table group shot

Table group shot

Table group shot

Table group shot

Table group shot

Table group shot

Table group shot

Dave & Sue Rumberger

L-R: Jan Liberatore, Pam Franscella,
Tieler Niedzwiecki, Kyle Amberg

Friday's Auction

Wallace Nutting furniture

Wallace Nutting lowboy

Wallace Nutting triple ladderback settee

Sharon Lacasse

Auction crowd

Wallace Nutting Welsh cupboard

Linda Palmer; Marian Bejian; Shirley Lovesky

George Lovesky; Harry Bejian; Dan Palmer

Beverly Handler; Pat Skutnik; Joe Duggan

Jake Hyde & Irene Ivankovich

Joren Fishback

Jake Hyde; John Skutnik; Jim Eckert
Saturday morning's Buy/Sell/Trade

Diane Thompson-Naylor

Sharon Lacasse & Jan Liberatore

Bob Franscella

Mike Ivankovich & Mike Pellegrino

Bruce Brookoff

Linda & Dan Palmer

Linda Palmer w/ Pam & Bob Franscella

Jessica Chevalier; Allan Ziegra; Jim Eckert

Ivankovich & Hyde families

Kenny Lacasse

Mike Pellegrino discussing the David Davidson's

Julie Chapman & Gene Roberts

Julie Chapman

Club members gather for informal chats

Joren Fishback & Mike Ivankovich

Linda Palmer & Joe Duggan

Bob Franscella

Marian & Harry Bejian with Mike Pellegrino
and Scott Jones
Saturday morning's Presentations

Jan Liberatore, President

Mike Pellegrino discussed David Davidson's photographic equipment and pictures

extensive Davidson display

Barbara Pellegrino assisted in the presentation

Charles Lyle, Executive Director of the
Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum presented
"Wallace Nutting: Preservation Pioneer"

Photos of Wallace and wife, Mariet

one of Nutting's Webb House interior pictures

Susan Samoriski discussed the Mariet and Wallace Nutting Day being held at the Mary Lyon House in Buckland, MA on July 25th

Corliss Carroll spoke about her interest in
hand colored photography and a Nutting
exhibit she plans to mount in Albany, NY
Saturday afternoon tour at the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museums
in Wethersfield, CT

Isaac Stevens House

Joseph Webb House

Silas Deane House

Charles Lyle

...groups gather prior to our house tours...